• Carol Engelmann

    Carol Engelmann

  • AHu


  • Prabhu


  • Akshita Iyer

    Akshita Iyer

    CEO & Cofounder, Ome

  • Philip Sundt

    Philip Sundt

    Writer | I cover travel, personal growth, and freelancing. Receive a monthly roundup of my latest articles — https://mailchi.mp/2ae954f394bc/joinphilip

  • Shruti Anant

    Shruti Anant

    vanderbilt university ’21; intrigued by people, places, sounds, and the world we live in

  • Christopher Bacey

    Christopher Bacey

    PR/comm counselor. Tennis/ice hockey player. Love non-fiction, travel, golf, dining out. St.Bona grad. Born a Jets fan (tnx Dad!), Mets, Knicks, NYR. Views own.

  • Adesh Kumar Mishra

    Adesh Kumar Mishra

    Engineer by degree, a Teacher by profession

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